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Welcome to the Bubblegum Crisis RPG centre, an afiliate of the Macross RPG community, which you can find by clicking the button above or by going to www.MacrossRPG.com

The year is 2041, and all over the world companies like Genom and Gulf and Bradley are slowly increasing their grasp on the world's resources, until eventually they plan to rule the globe in place of national governments. Already Boomers fight all of humanity's wars and are responsible for most of of the dirty jobs humans no longer wish to do.

However, there is hope, in the form of the numerous bands of vigilantes which strive to combat these corporations at every turn, hoping that by their actions they can at least keep these huge multi-nationals honest enough to pursue goals which will benefit mankind as a whole.

Trapped in the middle are the police forces, forever battling against foes ranging from bureaucracy to lack of equipment and resources. The conflict over who exactly they should be fighting keeps them forever chasing their own tails, but they keep up the fight for the millions of ordinary civilans who look to them for protection.

This particular RPG is not set in the Knightsaber's usual haunt of MegaTokyo, and neither does it precisely match with the events of either the original OAV series from the late 1980s, nor the Tokyo 2040 series from a decade later. Instead consider it a blend of styles, hopefully combining the best elements from both series, and set elsewhere to give the players new settings to explore and new enemies with different agendas to battle against.

This site contains much of the basic game data, so you can check out what hardware you might be using, or indeed which Boomers you might be using it on ^_^


James Allen - GM


Update for 27/08/2002 - Added new sections covering the Rules and Boomers